Friday, July 3, 2009

DEAR OCCUPANT: An Open Letter to the White House

I was watching the news and thinking of what an incredibly difficult time the White House has had. They walked into a financial crisis of unbelievable proportions. They had the entire Iraq War/Guantanamo Bay/Torture/etc. issue left on their plate as well. And in both cases, I believe that the situation was much worse in reality than they believed it was during the campaign. They discover that much of the legal work of the previous administration's Justice Department looks like it came from first year law students homework papers. Causing the new Justice Department to drop several very important criminal cases.

They have dealt with constant right wing attacks and more media attention than any President other than Bush 43. (Don't forget to call block Rep. Cantor & the rest of the Republicans. Because you obviously haven't spent enough time and energy coming to a middle ground with the Right. Then don't forget answering to the Left when you take time to talk to the Right and come away empty handed.)

Take time to initiate legislation on Health Care, Energy and put together a budget. Don't forget those damned press dinners that you're supposed to be funny at...without stepping on anybody's sensibilities.

Add in North Korea, Iran, Flu, Flood and a few other miscellaneous disasters and you have a very tired and worn administration.

And we're ONLY six months into the Obama administration!!!! (And you're surprised they haven't been perfect? Let's be greatful for what HAS been accomplished!)

There is lots of room to disagree with the President on any number of issues, but it is important to realize that they have accomplished a great deal with a staff that is only half confirmed and the other half appointed by Bush 43. It is also important that they realize that we support them in general even when we disagree on specifics.

Please feel free to copy this letter and e-mail to the White House to show your support for their efforts.


Dear Occupant:

I don't know who you are. You may be a steward with one too many events today. You may be a Secret Service agent tired of the steady stream of visitors. You may be a First Lady who wants to walk around her back yard garden without a press commentary on her fashion sense! Maybe you're a line cook who's tired of the many events the White House seems to host. You could be a tired assistant to the Press Secretary who secretly dreams that the next time a reporter asks a question concerning the President's smoking habits you look at them and say, "Are you high????" You could be the gardener who's sick of people trampling your lawn. Maybe you are one of the many White House children who would really like an extra hour with their mommy or daddy. Maybe you're the Mommy or Daddy wanting that extra hour with your child! You could be anyone.

You are an occupant of the White House. A White House, whose head of household is undertaking a historic revision of our society at a time of great peril to our nation. (No wonder you're under constant attack.) But more important than the current head of household historic nature, is the fact that you are the physical representation of our great nation. We as a nation embody great diversity in color, religion and philosophy. And you are part of the public face of America.

Thank you for your service. And always remember, we will disagree often with your current head of household. We will voice our opinion with certainty and understanding that even if we disagree with his actions, he has the best interests of our country at heart. And always remember that we recognize both his effort and your service.

Keep this note. Pull it out as needed to remind yourself why you do this...because it's important! Pass this along to some other White House occupant in need of a smile. (Rumor has it that this message is best received when crumbled in a ball and thrown at the head of the recipient!)


A grateful American


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